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  • My Magzeen

    My Magzeen is a simplified online News/RSS Reader!

  • Read feeds from all your favorite sites in one place!
  • Just pick sites from the existing list or add any RSS/ATOM urls and create your own personalized online Magzeen.

  • Visit My Magzeen mobile/desktop site
    Download Webapps from the below app stores:
    Google Play Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

     Android   Chrome   Firefox

    Stretch Scroll

    Create elastic stretch effect for scrolling on your webapp!

  • To use, just plug-in 'stretch-scroll.js' to your webpage! Follow the below demo to check out how.
  • Click here for DEMO (Android and iOS touch screen devices)
  • Download Stretch Scroll v1.0

  • vDrive

    vDrive is a free web based Cloud File Manager, optimized for media and touch screen.

  • Do you have multiple devices like smart phones, tablets, netbooks etc.?
  • Do you want to access your Docs, Music, Photos and Videos from anywhere and anytime?
  • Not happy with current Cloud services as they don't offer unified experience across platforms?
  • Then how about having your own Cloud with vDrive software?

  • Features of vDrive:
  • A grounds up HTML 5 Web App with touch screen focused user interface
  • Unified experience no matter where you access from - desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.
  • Native app like smooth animations and support for swipe/scroll gestures (with iOS style elastic effect)
  • An intuitive file manager with a simple Doc Editor, Music Player and Photo Viewer
  • A detailed access logs

  • Download vDrive 4.0
  • Click here for DEMO (Chrome 25+, Firefox 20+, IE 10+, Safari on iOS 6+, Chrome on Android 4.0+)
  •   (Use password 'vdrive' to login)

  • Requirements:
  • Server - web server (like Apache HTTP) with PHP 5.2+
  • Client - HTML5 compliant browser (Chrome 25+, Firefox 20+, IE 10+, Safari on iOS6+, Chrome on Android 4.0+)

  • vDrive File Manager: vDrive Doc Viewer: vDrive Music Player: vDrive Photo Viewer:

    *** © Vinay Babu Reddy ***

  • The software and services are open source and free to download.
  • The same can be used, published or distributed, provided the copyright notice and credits are left unchanged.
  • Please note: The software/service is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind.
  • In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability.